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      Yancheng Chaina Fragrance Co.,Ltd.
      Spice products
      Natural alcohol series
      Natural acid series
      Natural ester series
      Natural aldehyde series
      Daily perfume series
      Pharmaceutical intermediates\APIs
      Food additives
      Custom processing services
         Natural Hexyl Alcohol
         Allyl amyl glycolate
         Diethyl aminomalonate hydrochl
         Propionic acid
      Natural Isoamyl Isovalerate

      Molecular Fomrula: C10H20O2  Molecular Weight:172.27 FEMA#: 2085  CAS#: 659-70-1


      Appearance colorless to yellowish transparent liquid. Color: not exeed 3# standard color solution.
      Odor has apple-like odor.
      Relative Density(25/ 25℃) 0.8520 ~ 0.8550
      Refractive Index(20℃) 1.4110 ~ 1.4150
      B.P. 192°C
      Acid value (mg.KOH/g) ≤1.0
      Assay(%) ≥99
      Flash Point, ℃ 67 (152℉)
      Packing & Storage 200L galvanized iron drum, 25L plastic drum. Stored in cool and dry place, should not be put in open air.